SHZPower distribution box PZ30

PZ30 series terminal combined distribution box adopts steel-plastic structure, the box base adopts steel structure and coating, the end cover is made of flame retardant engineering plastic injection molding, and is equipped with transparent polycarbonate protective cover.

SHZPower GGD Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

GGD AC low distribution cabinet can be used in power distribution systems as AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380v rated current to 3150A as power, power conversion, distribution and control of distribution equipment.

SHZPower GCS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

GCS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet is suitable for the power distribution system of power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries.

SHZPower MNS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

MNS low-voltage distribution switchgear in order to adapt to the needs of the power industry development, reference foreign MNS series low-voltage switch cabinet design and improved development of advanced low-voltage switch cabinet.

SHZPower XL21 control cabinet

XL21 control cabinet is the final equipment of the power distribution system.Assembly switchgear, measuring instrument, protective equipment and auxiliary equipment in closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen frame according to the electrical wiring requirements, forming a low-voltage distribution device.

SHZPower Dual power control box

The dual power supply control cabinet is mainly composed of a dual power supply automatic switching device.

SHZPower Outdoor high voltage distribution box

Outdoor high-voltage distribution box, dedicated to the cable node of the AC 12kV cable system, for power distribution.

SHZPower Ring network cabinet

Ring network cabinet is a new generation of sulfur hexafluoride switch as the main switch and the whole cabinet using air insulation

SHZPower Electric Meter Box

The material used to manufacture low-voltage cable branch box is a resin matrix composite material. The main composition of the box is divided into ABS engineering plastic, polycarbonate transparent PC material, DMC, SMC four materials from injection molding, pressing.

Cantilever Automatic PU Foam Sealing Machine

Industrial cantilever PU Foam automatic sealing machine is specialized in fluid control, and the liquid drip, coating, sealing on the surface of the product or the product inside.



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